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The history of Cascione Autotrasporti srl, dates back to 1975. Thanks to the experience gained in the family company and a great culture of work and sacrifice, Mr. Pasquale Cascione decides to dedicate his entire life to the logistics sector and found the “Cascione Pasquale Autotrasporti”. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company works in the chemical sector with the use of tank trucks. Then it expands its business in the transport of granulates and powdery products, using silos and containers.
The continuous improvement of the transport service, attention to the quality of the services offered to the customer and investments in cutting-edge transport, allow the company to build partnerships with the most prestigious companies and multinationals in the chemical sector worldwide.

In the 2000s, the company expanded its fleet with the purchase of ADR curtainsider and in 2005 CASCIONE AUTOTRASPORTI SRL was founded.

Over the past decade, the company has continued to expand. The company first purchased a new strategic interchange yard in Piacenza (2009), then a storage site in Brindisi (2014). It currently employs over 200 people, including managers, employees, workers and drivers.